Musandam-Oman Won Ireland Race

Musandam-Oman sail won the Volvo round Ireland race under tough challenges.

The difference between the timing of Musandam-Oman sail and other two competitors was just 6 minutes. Concise 10 and Phaedo3 in MOD 70 battle were just 6 minutes away from the winner in the Volvo round Ireland Race.

Musandam-Oman Sail passed the fog of Tuskar Rock while they were on their way to reaching the finish line. The team managed to finish the race within the record time that they created last time in the tournament. The interesting part is they were immediately tailed near the finishing line by Tony Lawson’s Concise 10 which was skippered by Ned Collier-Wakefield. The second team who chased Oman sail was Lloyd Thornberg’s Phaedo3 which is co-skippered by Brian Thompson.

All three boats ran for 704 NM and at the finishing line they were all very close just 6 minutes away.

Sharing thoughts on winning the race skipper of Musandam-Oman Sail said “Our tough competitor Phaedo3 did a superb job in the beginning of the race and they almost got the lead. We were very close to them and when we came close to Tuskar Rock; our boat hit a sand bank. When we saw the chart that showed 14 meters, we were really shaken. We use all our skills and really caught up at the course’s northern part. We worked in shifts and played it well and thus we were able to cover miles. The climate there was very windy, at the eastern coast Phaedo and Concise were fighting for the lead and then we took the advantage and go the lead. The best thing about winning this race is we even managed to win the race within our own created record time”.

For Musandam-Oman Sail this is not the time to rest. But, the crew is heading for the next tournament.